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Custom Quotes

Custom Quotes
Your imagination is limitless, and so are our printing capabilities. For ideas that don't fit nicely into predefined categories, we're here to help. Whether you need irregular-sized handouts to help you stand out from the competition, specialty-cut windows in your brochures and sales materials, or custom packaging and markups, we can provide the printing services you need to set your creative side free and bring your ideas to life.

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    These are a few questions we would need answered before we can start: How many colors does it print? Is that printing on 1 side or 2? What is the flat/open and finished size? What kind of Paper would you like? Is that cover or text weight? Are you looking for any coatings, example: UV or Aqueous. If this project folds can you tell us how? Example: 11x17 flat folded to 3.7x8.5. If this is a booklet, how many pages including the cover are there? What kind of binding are you looking for? Example: saddle stitch, coil bind. And on what side (long or short) does it bind? The more information you can give us the better and faster we can do our part. Thanks so much for your help. Look for your quote to be ready shortly.
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    Print ready pdf with all fonts embedded or converted to outlines, and 1/8" bleeds where required.

    • Solid low screens might vary in color.
    • Heavy solid coverage might crack slightly if folded.